Collectibles Militaria 1946-49
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Vintage US NAVY USN Foul Weather Jacket Poncho Military
Cast Iron Military WWII AIR PLANE ashtray
b2624 Vietnam GI WAR Necklace pendent with chain IR39A
Mauser K98 M48 Leather Sling with hardware USED G11
1924 WWII Yugoslavian Yugo M48 Mauser Bayonet BT3
Militaria collectors show growing interest in War of 1812 artifacts
The most valuable militaria is accompanied by documents that prove its authenticity. “As with any valuable collectables, there are always issues with copies and counterfeiting,” says Koszuta. “But if you are buying from a reputable dealer ...
GGA To Host Militaria & Military Vehicle Show, May 18-19, VFM Hangar
FORT WORTH, Texas, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Greatest Generation Aircraft (GGA) will host a unique Militaria & Military Vehicle ... Highlights will include Military Antiques and Collectibles; Military Vehicles; Re-enactors; Vintage ...
Unique Auctions Road Show Returns to St Marks
All items are free next day delivery. Please bring your items or photographs of your Antiques, Art, Militaria, China, Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Collectables etc. to be valued.
Rare Civil War-era boy’s sword may command upwards of $500
A name inscribed 1894 Winchester from the Gold Rush era ... Colt Kit Carson New Frontier revolver in .22 caliber with display case ($500 – $600) • Two Colt AR-15 rifles and a Colt Super 38 Automatic pistol from the first full year of production ...
WWII & Vintage Aviation Auction Scheduled, Rare Cyclone Engine, Art, Collectibles & More
A collection of WWII aircraft-inspired art, artifacts and collectibles; vintage aircraft parts ... 19:07 ET GGA To Host Militaria & Military Vehicle Show, May 18-19, VFM Hangar Apr 25, 2013, 13:44 ET GGA To Host Gun Show In Burleson, TX, May 11-12 At ...
1947 WW2 USMC Guidebook for Marines 340 pages Weapons Uniforms Etc
US Army MOUNTAIN REGULAR Feather DOWN Type 1 Sleeping Bag M-1949
Used bulgarian steyr m95 leather sling and ammo pouch cleaning kit 8mm lot
Post WW2 US Army Private Ike Jacket Size 34R
1903 Springfield 1903A4 snipers rifle rings, 7/8 inch redfield rings
Vintage US Army SHAEF HQ SPC Specialist Patched Khaki Shirt 1946 Post WW2
1946 Photographs Album US NAVY Expedition Antarctica Operation Highjump
Vintage 1940s US Army Souvenir Photo Album & Pictures Fort Jackson SC Soup Shots
Vintage U.S. Military Lighter U.S.S. Tunny Lighter Submarine WW2 / Korea New
Israeli leather sling for K98 Mauser rifle
29th Infantry Division Eisenhower Jacket Nice 38R
SKS Cleaning Kit
Arab-Israeli War 1949 TRENCH ART 40 MM Shell Casing Gold Silver Copper
French Army Khaki Gandoura - Colonial Infantry, Cavalry and Foreign Legion
Arab-Israeli War TRENCH ART Shell Casing Egyptian Theme
Original USS Iowa BB-61 Teak Deck Board & Bronze Plankowner Plaque
French Indochina Campign Military Medal
Military Radio 10 Section Type Cwn-66025 Antenna 7 Piece Lot See Pics
Yugoslavian M1948 Bayonet & Scabbard, Early Type, Matching (R438)
W2 1942 Gerber Army Surplus Packboard
French Indochina Armored Regiment Fusiliers Marins Indochina Insignia Badge
1946 Map of Bikini A-bomb test, used by the 509th Composite Group
Mosin Nagant M44 M38 Carbine Sling LEATHER
French Army Canvas Bush Hat Chapeau de Brousse Size 71/4 (58)
Cast Iron Military Cannon ashtray
Vintage German leather sling for Israeli K98 Mauser rifle
Old vintage Israeli used leather sling for K98 Mauser rifle
2 Military Railroad Tickets US Forces in Austria March 16 1949 Lieutenant & Wife
2 USS Jason AR-8 navy belt buckles
US 1948 Draft Card From Ohio
Israeli Army 98k Leather Rifle Sling IDF KAR98 645P
WWII M-1943 M43 M47 Field Jacket Vintage Military Vtg 40s WW2 Original 50s m1947
US Army MOUNTAIN REGULAR Feather DOWN Type 1 Sleeping Bag M-1949
USS WISCONSIN ~ 1947 Large Photo of Battleship
Old Vintage Pacific Fleet Gunners mate navy belt buckle
French Army Olive Green Chapeau de Brousse Bush Hat Size 7 1/4 (58)
US Army Captain Bar Pin Insignia Occupation Period Japanese Made TPB 661J
WWII Anti-Tank solid steel artillary/tank projectile, round. Paperweight
Sa 26 CZ 26 Folding stock cz 24 Czech 7.62 X 25mm CZ26 vz 26
vtg Stenciled US Navy Chambray Shirt thrashed Sz L 16.5 Chore Work 40s-50s WWII
Vintage High Quality French Indochina Miniature Medal (Orders) Set
East German Second Model Type 3 Bayonet W/Matching Scabbard
Post WWII USN enlisted sailor white jumper, pants & pair of Seafarer denim jeans
Mosin Nagant 91/30 Rifle cleaning maintenance kit oil round can pouch
Two U.S. Army Officer J.Q.M.D. R.N.S. MP Marked 1946 & 1951 Shoulder Holster
1950 Swiss Silver Schützenfest shooting trophy medal award K31 schmidt rubin cup
Highlights Of US Army Enlistment 1946 Information Cardboard Wheel
French Army Canvas Bush Hat Size 7 5/8 (61)
Turkish Mauser M38 Leather Sling Reproduction
Span Am War Krag Bayonet
Swiss Silver 1963 shooting trophy medal award K31 schmidt rubin cup karabiner
Book, History Of The 788th Field Artilley Battalion, Printed In Germany 1946
Vintage Post WWII M40 Bundesgrenzschutz West German Border Guard Helmet
Vintage Post WWII Bundesgrenzschutz West German Border Protection Guards Helmet
Vintage Military FIRST AID KIT Metal Box Stock 9-221-200
K98 Mauser Part - K98 Mauser Trigger Guard – AB106
British wool P49 Battledress Pants Trousers size 10 w 31 to 32 L32
Vintage NSN US Army Brass 4" Stencil Set Marking Locking Adjustable Complete
Vintage WW II Playing Cards Buy War Savings Bonds And Stamps US P.C. Co Stamp
Denix Russian AK-47 Assault Rifle Non-firing Replica Gun
Cast Iron Military WWII TANK ashtray
Vintage US Military M-1949 Mountain Sleeping Bag With Cover Case
Magazine Pouch Czech 7.62 X 25mm Stick magazine G22
M48 K98 MAUSER Bayonet w/ Scabbard and Frog and accessories
1946 Operation Crossroads WWII Book With 2 Original Photographs Of Bomb Testings
K98 Leather military mauser ammo pouch double pocket 8mm Y7
USGI Vintage Carbine 30Rds. Mag Pocket Pouch, Dated "49" (#526)
M1 Carbine Muzzle Cover or Cap Set of 3 Bavarian Post War
1903 Springfield 30.06 Barrel
K98 Mauser Sling IMI, Original
Genuine Swedish Army M39 Type Webbing Gear Lot
FM 24-17 Communication Center Operation DEPARTMENT ARMY Field GUIDE Military
FULL Sealed 11oz Govt Emergency Drinking Water Can, Korean War Boston, MA 1950
AIR PHOTO UNIT Booklet / 58th WING Bikini Atoll 1946 Nuclear Test
Mauser Barrel Band 1.25 inches tall X221
British Jungle Carbine No, 5 Cleaning Kit! Excellent Condition! Cool and Ready!!
Post World War 2 Era Memory Of Occupation In Japan Yokohama Silk Handkerchief 47
Small Arms Materiel & Associated Equipment ~ TM 9-2200 April 1949 EC ~ ORIGINAL
K98 Mauser Trigger Guard, #KE805
US Navy (4) 115 volt receptecle box covers brass
Jeep 639992 Water Pump 1 Groove Pulley Ford GPW Willys MB CJ2A 3A 3B CJ5, G503
Yugoslavian M48 24/47 K98 mauser 8mm barrel w front & rear sights nice condition
Weaver 330 M.8 Sniper Scope Early Version for Remington 1903A4
Turkish Peabody Sword Bayonet Model 1874 E533
P08 Luger Holster
Vintage WW2 Korea Military Army Sewing Kit Buttons Scissors Needle Repair Pouch
U. S. M-1945 Field Cargo Pack Good Solid Condition w/Markings & Lining Removed
Yugoslavian model 48 48A 24/47 1924 K98 8mm mauser complete spring and follower
RARE Post WWII Army Constabulary 7.5" Bauscher Weiden Germany US Zone HQ Plate
Helmet liner, Model M1, parachutist, U.S. issue
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